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Do you want a medical talk?

From observations, the unknown always overwhelmingly outweigh the known, most especially in our society. Topical issues that require avid knowledge are mostly overlooked without any recourse.

This resultantly has greatly contributed to the rise in the cases of morbidity and mortality. It is such a distraught to see people suffer from illnesses that could have been avoided if ignorance had been taken out of the way. How about some segments of the society holding on to certain viewpoints, not minding their medical flops? All these when neglected unarguably have resonating effects on the health of individuals.

In response to this observed ignorance besetting our society, we hereby use this medium to inform institutions, organizations, denominations, sects and other members of the public about our availability and readiness for health-talk on various platforms ranging from various social media handles, mass media to live health-talks at events.

Your invitation extended to HEALTHGIST.NET means a lot in saving lives.

To request a health talk service, please fill in the following details and we will reach you within 24hours.