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10 HEALTH BENEFITS you need to know about MANGOES

A mango is a type of fruit that is categorised as a tropical plant with the botanical name, Mangifera indica. Historically, Bangladesh and Myanmar were the places in Asia where mangoes were first grown.
Mangoes are of different varieties as they are scattered across the nations of the world. Common names for mangoes include mangou, mangut, manga and mangoro depending on region or nation. With the health benefits of mangoes as recommended by nutritionist, it becomes a fruit that catches everyone’s attention.
Underlisted here are the

1.Aids digestion
Mangoes aid digestion and help to prevent indigestion. Mango is one of the fruits that is high in fibers and water content. It helps to keep clean the colon as it contains a certain enzyme that helps in breaking down proteins.

2. Promotes good sight
Mango is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene. Owning to the presence of these minerals, it helps to promote good sight, prevent dry eyes and night blindedness.

3. Boosts immunity
The composition of vit A, vit C and Zinc in mangoes help to boost the human immune system.

4. Aids weight loss
Mangoes could also help in weight loss owning to the presence of chemicals present in mango peels. The eating of the peel itself is a recommendation for a weight loss as it is highly filled with dietary fibres. The intake of this helps you feel full for some time, thereby discouraging you from taking other fattening junk.

5. Lowers the cholesterol level
Mango according to nutritionists is rich in pectin, vit C and fibres which as a result helps in bringing down the serum cholesterol level. This also helps in putting the low-density lippprotein under check so as to safeguard the vessels and blood flow from blockage.

6. Cares for the skin
From research, vit A found in mangoes helps to reduce the rate at which oil is produced on the skin, proffering solutions to ACNE problems. This when taken in good measure can also enhance skin growth and repair.

7. Boosts sex life
The minerals, vit E and beya-carotene found in mangoes according to the US National Institute of Health helps to improve sperm health in men.
Zinc also helps in male and female FERTILITY as mangoes are consumed.

8. Aids brain functioning
The fruit remains to be a great source of IRON and B6. The former helps with the proper functioning of the brain while the latter with the cognitive development.

9. Promotes bone health
The roles played by vitamin A cannot be underestimated as it helps in bone growth. The vitamin C on its on own part aids the collagen which is helpful in the making of bones and connector tissues. There is also a measure of vitamin K in mangoes as commonly found in fruits and veggies for calcium absorption and ideal bone health.

10. Regulates blood pressure
The composition of potassium in the fruit helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure