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You have probably heard the phrase, “breakfast is the best meal of the day” so many times.

While the myth is a bit of a stretch, if you want to adopt the principle, it’s best to do it right.

You’re better off skipping breakfast than eating an unhealthy one.

What should a healthy breakfast entail?

A healthy breakfast should be a well balanced nutritious meal rich in complex carbs, fiber,
protein, and healthy fat in the right portion, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

Most Nigerian meals tend to be high in simple carbs and lacking in other nutrients.

While simple carbohydrates are acceptable in small amounts, white bread, corn flakes,
sodas, pastries, and other highly processed foods are less nutritious and cause a sharp
increase in blood glucose.

This can ultimately predispose to obesity and increase the risk of developing chronic
disorders such as heart disease, type 2 Diabetes, etc.

If you are usually hungry after your routine breakfast, you’re probably not eating enough
protein and fiber.

If you’re constantly sluggish and unproductive after breakfast, your meal is definitely too high
in simple carbs.

A meal high in protein and fiber will ensure that you are more full and energized throughout
the day since protein and fiber help keep you satisfied.

Think about the current breakfast meals you eat.

Can you add some more protein and fiber in there?

For example, let’s say right now, you eat a bowl of noodles with a glass of juice.

There isn’t a lot of nutrients and fiber going on in that meal.

If you find yourself hungry soon after breakfast, your meal can be altered to be more filling!

Instead of just having a bowl of noodles, add some vegetables and a protein source such as egg or fish .

Are you just having some toast with butter or jam? Try adding some eggs and vegetables.
Lots of fiber and protein/fats right there and it only takes a few minutes!

If you are in a rush in the mornings, you can always just enjoy a quick bowl of oatmeal with
almond milk or coconut milk.

Fast food doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy food. For a grab and go breakfast, you can
have yogurt, a handful of berries and a dash of cinnamon.

Boiling some eggs for the week is also a great idea. Eggs are high in protein and healthy

If you eat nutrient-dense food, your body will thank you.

Whether or not you eat breakfast is a personal choice.

Despite what you may have been told as a child, skipping breakfast does not necessarily
have negative effects, as long as you eat a balanced diet throughout your day.

If you’re trying to lose weight and breakfast is not feasible for you, try intermittent fasting.

If you do eat in the morning, make sure to start your day off right by fueling your body with
the healthy and nutrient-dense foods.