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APPETITE: What to do when appetite is lost

Loss of appetite is a loss of desire to eat which consequently can lead to weight loss.
This in turn can bring about differing attitudes towards eating which in the same vein can make the disposition of people towards food different per time. That is why sometimes you may feel like eating the whole world and in a minute after, eating that much could be a fantasy, thereby making you unstable like Alice in wonderland.

What I colloquially refer to as “appetite swing” may stem from tiredness, body pain, taste change, side effects from medications and constant chang in mood.
Several studies have been taken painstakingly carried out and the results got from these studies have in a great measure worked like magic for several people. So, a careful scroll downwards will help to pass the magic wand into your hands.

Do exercise regularly

Stuck up your refrigerator with your best foods alongside foods that are high in calories that is, food that have some pounds of energy-supplying constituents.

Ask family members to help you prepare your best food and relax while they go about it.

If the food smell bothers you , distance yourself from where the meal is being prepared.

If the smell of the food still nauseates you even after the food is served, wait till the food gets cold because as it cools off, the smell also reduces.

Try out new recipes

You may need to change your food texture. For instance, chopping the food items to a pulp may be of help as in case of illness or ageing.

Frequently eat small meals and snacks every 2 – 3 hours.

Set alarm so as to be reminded of eating in case of irregular hunger cues.

Ensure that you add protein to each meal or snack. These proteinous foods may include poultry, eggs, fish, nuts, milk, yogurt, meat and cheese.

Drink water either 30 minutes before or after eating.

To prevent being full too fast, do not take food drinks that cause gas. These include cabbage, beer and other gas-induced drinks with the soft ones inclusive.
Sit and eat comfortably in a calm environment, if possible with soft music or interesting TV shows.

Chew slowly but not too slowly so that you don’t lose interests.

You may not need to follow the recommendations chronologically but all you need do is just to pick those ones that seem helpful for your own case. If after doing all that are above, you are not satisfied with your appetite, speak your Pharmacist or Doctor today.

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