While surfing the internet a few days ago, I saw the picture of a newly wedded couple. I quickly scrolled down to read the epistle below, only to learn that young Fatima (the bride) was dead. She died several weeks into her first pregnancy.

She only took a blood and urine tests to confirm her pregnancy. She didn’t do a scan to show where her baby was. She died from the complications of ECTOPIC PREGNANCY, a death 100% avoidable. So, the together forever oath ended. That was how she tragically left her husband a widower at a very young age.

As a pregnant woman, doing blood and urine tests are not enough to confirm pregnancy. You must also do scan to know where your baby lies- inside or outside the uterus. You must do this scan immediately you realise that you are pregnant in order to avoid story that touches.

Ectopic pregnancy is the implantation of the product of conceptus outside the normal uterine cavity. This is when the baby and placenta of an unborn child stay outside its home (i.e. the womb). Common places are; the fallopian tube, the ovary or the peritoneal cavity, i.e in the abdomen. However, pregnancy can also exist both in the womb and in other places at the same time. This is known as HETEROTOPIC PREGNANCY.

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
Previous ectopic pregnancy
Previous tubal surgery
Use of intrauterine device
Intrauterine fertilization treatment

Abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding are the major symptoms while others include dizziness, weakness, blurring of vision, and shoulder tip pain.

This depends on the symptoms the patient present; it can be achieved through surgery or use of drugs.

Confirmation of pregnancy alone with a blood or urine test is not enough. The location of the baby should also be determined with an ultrasound scan. Make sure you do this scan very early.
Heterotropic pregnancies also occur when there is a development of two(2) foetuses within and outside the womb at the same time.

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When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people or changed who can see it, or it's been deleted.
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When I talk about oil, I get asked if Sunflower oil, Canola oil, Sunola oil, and so on are healthy. In this article, I’m going to classify all of them as vegetable oil and compare them with olive oil.

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Approximately one in every four death is as a result of heart disease. Meanwhile majority of these heart diseases are preventable. Here are some effective ways to keep your heart healthy:..

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On the 6th of November 2020, the NCDC announced that there is an outbreak of yellow fever in Enugu and Delta states of Nigeria. It is a deadly disease transmitted by a breed of mosquitoes. Click the IMAGE below to learn more...
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The answer is blowing in the wind...
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20:10:2020:- PRAY FOR NIGERIA (#EndSARS ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾)

There is an adage which says when an ember is left alight, no matter how it smoulders fire will surely break out. Such is the fate of the grievances against the force that gives birth to #Endsars agitations.

We are held spellbound to see how a protest that at first appears harmless snowballs into something bloody across the country.

We are unreservedly displeased with the indiscriminate killings of our brothers and sisters (our fallen heroes), threats to security amidst other social unrests.

All these are eyesores!!!

We hereby use this medium to express our sympathy/condolences to people whose loved ones have fallen victims of horrible experiences in the course of this struggle. Our hearts sincerely reach out to every one.

We must say! There is need for every member of the public to be more security conscious than ever before. The situations of the country now require that security has to be consciously made uptight ranging from the observation of curfews to a limited walk distance.

There is no better time to step up our security consciousness to a very high level than NOW.

Remember, he who fights and runs shall live to fight another day. Let us all run for our lives now. Then, we can gather again when the time is right.

May God grant the family of the lost fortitude to bear the loss. May God make His healing power come over the injured. May those whose property are vandalised recover quickly, Amen.

Keep in touch with your family and friends. Our utmost prayer is that we all shall come out of this whole. We shall not lose any of our own be it living or nonliving, Amen.

Mr. Yomi Adebayo
Gen. Secretary
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For the entire team

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