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LIPOMA: What do you know about it?

Lipoma is a benign growth that only happens where there is fat. For there to be lipoma, there must be fat. On VERY rare occasion, it can become malignant known as liposarcoma characterized with rapid growing, hard and vascularized tissue in the body.

Except for cosmetic reason, lipoma under the skin (subcutaneous) is of little health concern.
Remember, lipoma can grow wherever there is fat. It is not surprising if found to grow internally as in the case of:

Retroperitoneal lipoma: Here, patient complains of abdominal swelling and pain. The diagnosis is often made with imaging studies.

Oesophageal lipoma: Here, the patient may find it difficult to swallow, vomit and regurgitate. This can be complicated with respiratory infection secondary to aspiration (breathing in food paritcles).

Duodenal (intestinal) lipoma: The patient present with signs of intestinal obstruction- nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal swelling and constipation

Breast lipoma: This usually occur in postmenopausal women. Do not get worried, it is not cancerous. However, your doctor will definitely want you to carry out some investigations to ascertain absence of cancer.

This is classically surgical. Surgical options include:
Excision and biopsy