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How to Manage Body Odour

Body odor is an unpleasant smell that emanates from our body; it occurs when bacteria on our skin break down certain molecules in our sweat, this releases sulphur containing organic compounds that are foul smelling.


What are the Causes of Body Odor?

We have 2 types of sweat glands, Eccrine and Apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are located on most parts of our body while Apocrine glands are concentrated in areas where we have hair such as the groin and armpits.

These glands secrete sweat which doesn’t smell by itself as the odor is caused by bacteria’s action on its molecules. Body odor is more prominent in areas that tend to trap sweat such as the feet, armpits, groin, belly button, genitals, pubic hairs, anus, behind the ears, and other hairy regions.

There are some factors that increase the risk of body odor, they include;

  1. Consumption of strong smelling or spicy food
  2. Excessive alcohol or coffee consumption
  3. Obesity
  4. Environmental factors such as exercise and hot weather
  5. Certain hormonal changes
  6. Certain medications including some antidepressants
  7. Chronic illnesses like diabetes, chronic kidney disease or liver disease.
  8. Poor hygiene


Other causes of body odor are as follow:

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