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There are enormous health benefits of consuming water in place of soda.


Drinking water can help improve your physical performance, energy level as well as relieving common illnesses like constipation, headaches and more. Also, drinking enough water is crucial for our overall physical, emotional and psychological well-being.


One of the other advantages of drinking water is that it helps prevent dehydration as water aids the proper functioning of cells and organs in the body at all times.


This article is going to focus on the how drinking water instead of ‘soft’ drinks and other caffeinated beverages will impact your health positively. Below are benefits of drinking water instead of soda.


Speeds up weight lose: Water contributes significantly to weight loss, and it has been recommended by health experts. Water contains zero calories, sugar or fat as opposed to drinks like sweetened beverages and alcoholic drinks with high calories. Once you replace the intake of sugary drinks with water it will help boast your metabolism which in turn speeds up weight lose. Also, water is a natural appetite suppressant. Studies has shown that drinking two glasses of water before meals can help dieters lose more weight.


Helps to flush out toxins from your system; Consuming too much soda/soft drinks can cause kidney damage as the kidney is responsible for eliminating toxins and waste from the body, its inability to perform the said function due to high consumption of sugar can lead to accumulation of metabolic waste which will in turn result in serious health issues.  Water, on the other hand, is a natural lubricant and it is crucial for the proper functioning of the kidney. By drinking a lot of water your kidney is able to perform at its maximum; helping you flush out toxins from the blood and urine through the bladder thus helping you keep your system clean from the inside out.


Helps improves your muscles endurance and flexibility; the importance of water in the body cannot be overemphasized as it is important to understand that water constitutes for a larger part of our muscle composition. When it comes to maintaining bones, calcium is one of the important minerals that is required. Consuming large amount of carbonated drinks can interfere with the absorption of calcium there by resulting in weak bones and muscles.

Also, water aids in the absorption and retention of essential minerals which in turn helps to maintain healthy and strong bones. As such, by keeping yourself hydrated you are able to improve your muscle endurance as well as flexibility.


Improves your ability to focus and concentrate; consuming water instead of other beverages can also impact your overall mental health as over consumption of beverages can lead to dehydration which can further lead to imbalance in certain brain chemicals. This can result to depression, poor memory, brain fatigue as well as lack of mental clarity. Also, ensuring your body is well hydrated helps your brain access the required amount of oxygen which is required for its proper functioning.

Furthermore, water helps enhance your ability to focus better as well as increase concentration, memory power and help reduce day time fatigue.


Helps improves blood circulation; artificial sweeteners in many sugary drinks, sodas and beverages are one of the leading causes of blood vessels performing irregularly which further leads to an array of health problems such as high – blood pressure, increase heart rate, reduce blood flow to the brain and digestive system amongst others while on the other hand water can improve blood circulation thereby ensuring that the blood vessels are not impeded in any way.


Water remains the best fit for your body. If you desire healthy life, consume water in place of soda.