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Upon ease of lock-down, it is important to know that your good immune system is as important as social distancing, use of face mask and hand hygiene.

The following people are prone to suppressed immune system thus putting them at risk of contracting COVID-19 and come down with severe symptoms: elderly, pregnant women, smokers and people with heart disease and other longstanding diseases.

Meanwhile, there are people whose job description or nature of work also put them at risk of contracting this disease: health care workers (doctors, nurses, pharmacist, hospital record officer, hospital cleaners etc) and drivers.

It is important that anyone in the any of the categories listed above take optimum precautionary measures which majorly include: staying indoor except critical to go out, hand hygiene, use of face mask and social distancing.

Here is what Chief Rotarian Grover (MD/C.E.O. Grover Hospital, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria) has to say about the WAY FORWARD on COVID-19. Download the file below to learn more: