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As a woman, quite a number of factors can determine how well you will enjoy sex. These include- physical, mental and emotional part of your being.

Quite a number of women find it difficult to climax or reach the peak of sexual enjoyment or arousal during coitus (penile-vagina) sex. This can ultimately affect their sex lives including their partners’. If a woman has never reached orgasm or climaxed, it is called PRIMARY ORGASMIC DYSFUNCTION. If a woman had been able to climax in the past but now finds it difficult or impossible, we call it SECONDARY ORGASMIC DYSFUNCTION. This can be caused by drugs (antidepressants), smoking, alcohol, partner issue, diabetes, hypertension, sexual abuse or rape, sleeping problem, emotional imbalance etc.

More than 50% of women in actual sense do not enjoy sex as men thought. They only pretend so as to feed the ego of their men.

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The good news here is- Woman, you are NORMAL! Don’t think you are unfortunate because you cannot climax with just vaginal sex. Relax and know that you are normal.



An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may generate a sexual response, such as relaxation, sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm.

Erogenous zones are located all over the human body, but the sensitivity of each varies, and depends on concentrations of nerve endings that can provide pleasurable sensations when stimulated. The touching of another person’s erogenous zone is regarded as an act of physical intimacy. Whether a person finds stimulation in these areas to be pleasurable or objectionable depends on a range of factors, including their level of arousal, the circumstances in which it takes place, the cultural context, the nature of the relationship between the partners, and the partners’ personal histories.

Erogenous zones may be classified by the type of sexual response that they generate. Many people are gently aroused when their eyelids, eyebrows, temples, shoulders, hands, arms and hair are subtly touched. Gently touching or stroking of these zones stimulates a partner during foreplay and increases the arousal level. Also, the gentle massage or stroke of the abdominal area along with kissing or simply touching the navel can be a type of stimulation.

For a woman to climax, it is important she knows her erogenous zone and communicate it to her partner. The partner should equally know when and how best to touch it. Erogenous zone in women include but not limited to:

  • Breasts
  • Clitoris
  • Anterior part of lower vagina
  • Inner arm and armpit
  • Scalp
  • Neck
  • Sole of the feet
  • Inner part of the thigh etc


Partner factors (eg, partner sexual problems or health issues)

Relationship factors (eg, communication problems, differing levels of desire for sexual activity, or partner violence)

Individual vulnerability factors (eg, history of sexual or emotional abuse, existing psychiatric conditions such as depression, or stressors such as job loss)

Cultural or religious factors (eg, inhibitions or conflicted attitudes regarding sexuality)

Medical factors (eg, an existing medical condition or the effects of drugs or medications)


The essence of medical intervention is to help a woman reach orgasm as desired. Medical interventions include:

Cognitive behavior therapy

Eros clitoris therapy device

Couple sex therapy

There are drugs which are off-label oral prescriptions. Your doctor will decide whether or not to place you on medication.