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SMOKING: A Threat to Long Life

When a smoker is asked of why smoking is adopted as a habit, the answer may evolve around the sense of heat it helps to give to the body amidst other reasons. Owning to these, it tends to become a socially-acceptable habit among adults and young people.

1. Addiction
Addiction as one of the effects of smoking creates indulgence in the practice. This creates undue cravings for cigarettes, marijuana, cannabis, pawpaw among others. All these leave the consumers to the mercy of the harm they can do to the body. From studies, adults smokers develop the habit of smoking from a tender age.

2. Increase in emotional imbalance
The dependence on cigarettes (containing nicotine) over the stimulation of dopamine for a happy feeling has a downtown effect by prompting the brain to switch off the natural supply. This makes them constantly resort to smoking for a happy feeling.

3. Risk of lung cancer
The risk of coming down with lung cancer increases as the consumption continues.

4. Cause of eye damage
Smoking over time exposes consumers to cataract which is a health condition that makes the clear lens of the eye become cloudy. Smoking cigarettes has also been a major cause of macular degeneration thereby damaging the optic nerve.

5. Untimely aging
Smoking is the cause of untimely aging that is told on the face. This may include dry skin and excessive wrinkling. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, smoking as a practice subject the body to biochemical changes that speeds the aging process. Smoking in this case causes constriction of the blood vessels by depriving the living skin tissue of oxygen which as a result affect the rate at which the blood get to the body organs with the skin inclusive.
The mouth also could be plagued with wrinkles as a result of the muscle action needed for the inhaling.

6. Exposure to infections
Smokers stand a very high chance of coming down with bacteria, viral and other infections. Anatomically, cilia the tiny hairs that line the respiratory tract help to protect the tract including the trachea and bronchial tubes. These are paralyzed through the toxic effects of cigarettes.
To our advantage, if smoking can be quitted, the cilia saddled with the pushing up of bacteria and viruses trigger us to cough out the infection-induced microbes for eventual destruction which can be occasioned by the stomach acid.

7. Diminished strength for physical activities
It is reported that smokers complain mostly of a quick diminished ability when faced with energy-sapping activities as against their non-smoking days. Smoking from research over work the heart and lungs

8. Cause of impotence
With the narrowing of the blood vessels, the blood supply to the penis needed for optimal erectile function is short circuited.

Impotent man frustrated in bed owning to smoking.

9. Problem of infertility
Smoking reduces fertility in women and also culminates in other pregnancy-related problems.

10. Risk of colorectal cancer
This cancer of the intestine is often attributed to smoking.

11. Deformities in babies.
The deformities often attributed to smoking during pregnancy are cleft palate and cleft lip. Smoking during pregnancy exposes the babies to the orofacial clefts.

A child with cleft lip and palate

12. Increase in bone fractures
Doing away with cigarettes can help preserve the bone density. Habitual smoking makes smokers lose bone density.

13. Destruction of the gum
It greatly contributes to a gum infection which destroys the bone that support the teeth. It is not a surprise if this in adults is a major cause of tooth loss or decay.

Smoking is not only harmful to the smokers, it can also pose a great health challenge to those that inhale the smoke. A mere inhaling can expose people to a high risk of lung cancer, asthma, bronchitis, coughing, heart disease, pneumonia and ear infections.

Words from
1. Make a decision and take a conscious effort to quit smoking.
2. Take regular exercise
3. Disengage from peers that encourage the habit
4. Visit medical experts for proper examination and rehabilitation.

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