THE DOCTOR’S LOSS by Dr. Arif Hameed

It is not easy to become a doctor and handle lives.

Let me start on this note. Knowledge is a veritable tool needed to function well in medical field. Knowledge is key. It is the knowledge had that helps to give clues to every diagnosis. So, in putting this knowledge to work, we doctors are to always be on our toes.

Having a repertoire of medical knowledge is not enough but the demonstration of an ability to attend to cases makes the difference. Unarguably, as we continue to practice the profession, we tend towards perfection.

As already implied, books give us knowledge but practice makes us perfect. Whatever is written in books is not always a copy-and-paste thing for patients. We have to always use our clinical judgement as occasions may warrant.

Every patient is a new book to a doctor. A new dimension they are. When a patient is admitted by us, every detail of his history runs through our mind. Each line of the textbook flashes in front of our eyes. Then comes the time for diagnosis and clinical judgement.

At the time of treatment, sometimes with limited facilities, we still put in our bests. Do fate and knowledge always support us? Our experiences tell us “NO”. In spite of all efforts put together, we still sometimes lose patients.

Doctors like orangutans scratch their heads. They go through every aspect of patients’ treatments. They Keep on thinking where the problem could be when something goes wrong!

“Was it my fault, why didn’t the patient recover?” Doctors may think. This gives them sleepless nights and their personal space gets occupied by professional thoughts. They start to blame themselves. Some other time, their mental condition can only be understood by themselves. In fact, there could be some occasions of memory failure.

Their hearts wrench when people who are not supposed to die were faced with untimely death. As loss of patients does not only sadden the bereaved, doctors also feel the deadly blow.

Our hearts are saddened but we still live for the next patient waiting at the emergency room to see us.

Written By

Dr. Arif Hameed
Fellow in Cancer Pain Management
Dip. in Echocardiography/ BLS
Dip. in Diet and Obesity Management.
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Health Gist Medical Services22/10/2020 at 6:43am
20:10:2020:- PRAY FOR NIGERIA (#EndSARS ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾)

There is an adage which says when an ember is left alight, no matter how it smoulders fire will surely break out. Such is the fate of the grievances against the force that gives birth to #Endsars agitations.

We are held spellbound to see how a protest that at first appears harmless snowballs into something bloody across the country.

We are unreservedly displeased with the indiscriminate killings of our brothers and sisters (our fallen heroes), threats to security amidst other social unrests.

All these are eyesores!!!

We hereby use this medium to express our sympathy/condolences to people whose loved ones have fallen victims of horrible experiences in the course of this struggle. Our hearts sincerely reach out to every one.

We must say! There is need for every member of the public to be more security conscious than ever before. The situations of the country now require that security has to be consciously made uptight ranging from the observation of curfews to a limited walk distance.

There is no better time to step up our security consciousness to a very high level than NOW.

Remember, he who fights and runs shall live to fight another day. Let us all run for our lives now. Then, we can gather again when the time is right.

May God grant the family of the lost fortitude to bear the loss. May God make His healing power come over the injured. May those whose property are vandalised recover quickly, Amen.

Keep in touch with your family and friends. Our utmost prayer is that we all shall come out of this whole. We shall not lose any of our own be it living or nonliving, Amen.

Mr. Yomi Adebayo
Gen. Secretary
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For the entire team
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