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A birth defect in which the vagina is closed off is called vaginal atresia. This disorder usually does not occur alone, it is often seen with other abnormalities as part of a syndrome. Bardet-Biedl syndrome, Fraser syndrome or Rokitansky-Mayer-Küster-Hauser syndrome are examples.


Possible signs include:
1. A tiny pouch or dimple where the vaginal opening should be.

2. Inability to menstruate

3.Cyclical pain in the abdomen

4.Pelvic mass, if menstrual blood fills the upper vagina.


How Is Vaginal Atresia Diagnosed?

During a doctor’s examination shortly after the child is born, vaginal atresia can be diagnosed. If it is not observed at birth, it is usually discovered around puberty when the woman fails to menstruate.


Treatment for Vaginal Atresia Patients Includes
In order to open the vaginal canal, vaginal dilators, small round tubes similar to tampons, are pressed against the vaginal cavity on a daily basis. Surgery is also an option to adjust or build a new vagina.


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