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BODY ODOUR: An advantage to smelling nice

Body odour as a subject is a health condition that virtually everyone is familiar with over the embarrassment it has caused over time. Owning to the embarrassment, this in turn becomes a topic that has gathered much wave in the health sector.
In lieu to medical consultations, countless measures have been recommended out of which are the use of deodorants, perfume and creams with a strong smell.
As logical as these measures sound, only these do not in any way help the matter but only mask the body odour with a temporary effect. On this note, body odour becomes a thing of great concern.

Body odour, a serious public concern!

Body odour is let loose when the apocrine-secreted sweat that comes naturally from stress, exercise and high temperatures comes in contact with bacteria in the skin. The sweat itself is not the cause of the smell but when it is mixed with dirts and the dead skin cells, the medium for the growth of bacteria is brought into being.
The bacteria then breaks down the chemical compounds in the sweat. Alas! The by-products from the breakdown of the chemical compounds in the sweat unwittingly creates a smell known as body odour.

1. Regular bath
Ensure you shower at least once in a day while twice or more depending on how much you sweat in hot or humid areas.

2. Anti-bacterial soap
The use of antibacterial soap can help to reduce the number of bacteria on your skin.

3. Strong antiperspirants/ deodorants
The use of antiperspirants helps to block the sweat gland thereby causing a reduction at the rate at which perspiration is occasioned. On the other hand, deodorants only help to mask the odour. So, the use both is highly recommended.

4. Proper diets
The kind of food we take can also affect our odour. Freudman says, “These odors typically result from metabolic processes that produce volatile compounds which are molecules that evaporate, causing odour in their wake.”

5. Wearing breathable underwears
The use of breathable fabrics like cotton can help absorb sweat while moisture-wricking materials such as rayon or polyester can make the funky smell more noticeable as the moisture with the bacteria is being pushed out. It is advisable that fabrics that can trap sweat against the skin should be avoided.

6. Regular shaving
Shaving the armpit and the pubic areas can help reduce body odour. Without being shaved, the places retain sweat thereby making a good environment for the bacteria to thrive.