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How sprinkling of raw salt inside food can kill

From childhood, I never thought it a big deal to sprinkle salt on my seemingly unsalted food. In fact, I would always say to myself, “Why wouldn’t I add a pinch to my food any time my meal seems unsalted since I have a taste bud that can be used as a check”.

Then, I thought I was knowledgeable enough in the subject. If you by any means ask of the implications of taking salt in excess, at the snap of the fingers, I would take you through a treatise that deeply explains the swelling of the body, stomach cancer, asthma, obesity, kidney dysfunction and much pressure on the heart which may eventually lead to high blood pressure as the health impacts. If really you had the luxury of time, in no doubt, I would with my eloquence of speech talk you out of taking heavily-processed foods and condiments.

It even happened that I had the rearest opportunity of astounding a girl sitting very close who happened to be my aged-long crush while in college, when asked of the dangers that a shortage of salt intake could pose to the body. Trust me, knowing that opportunity comes but ones in a lifetime, with queen English, pretending as if I was not aware of her proximity, I spoke at a great length. Even, my friend who listened to how I extensively explained how excessive sweating from exercise or hot climates, adrenal insufficiency, dizziness, seizures, kidney failure, congestive heart failure and the swelling of the brain which can lead to a severe headache and eventually death could be gendered through the shortage.

My friend was really dazzled to have heard such stuff from such a young chap like me. With an oratory skill of audience control and a great sense of achievement, I knew I had caught a big fish. For the sake of confidentiality, I wouldn’t say anything about the damsel.

But, a day came when I was humbled in a conference where a dose of doctors came to address us and informed us that the consumption of uncooked salt can make us hypertension patients. The reason being that, salt when cooked has the iron structure present simplified for an easy absorption for gut. Alas! When not cooked, the iron structure remains the same and we stand the high chance of having a high blood pressure and hypertension. This was later coupled with the possibility of taking the salt in excess.

From that day, I have learnt that staying away from uncooked or raw salt is also a gateway to long life.