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Have you ever gone to the kitchen to pick a utensil but run blank on getting there? Some after groping for few items perhaps for a clue might end up saying to themselves, “Why am I here?”
When this in most cases happens to kids, we lose our patience and with disappointment we exclaim, “What forgetfulness!”
This however is termed a temporary memory loss.

There could also be some cases of dementia which according to Oxford English dictionary is a progressive decline in cognitive function due to damage or disease in the brain beyond what might be expected from normal aging which the usually affected areas may include memory, judgment, attention, language and problem solving. This might bring to mind an occasion when one opens the tap with the hope of going back for the water collection but after some time begins to wonder who could have opened the tap, even knowing full well that no one else is around.
Suffice it to say, the subject, staying mentally alert affects everybody ranging from the young to the old. Owning to this, certain recommendations are made as succours.


1.Regular exercise/physical exercise
This is said to help the functioning of the brain as affecting the frontal lobes which is essential for mental sharpness. The exercise also helps to increase the amount of serotonin which is the indispensable chemical needed for mood enchancement and brain cells proliferation.

2. Stress and anxiety control
Inability to handle stress can also be a cause for poor memory. That is why psychologists recommend that when faced with worries or overwhelming tasks, the best way of handling such is a bit by bit breakdown.

3. Keeping friends
As researches have shown it that people cope with their problems better when the stay around other people.

4. Giving attention to sleep
Adequate sleep makes the brain respond well to optimal learning, problem-solving tasks as well as memory retention.

5. Appropriate dieting
Eating of balanced diet should be embraced. Special attention should be given to foods rich in folate, magnesium and vitamins.

6. Staying away from toxins
Excessive alcohol, tobacco, mercury and other chemical compounds can impair mood, cognition and memory.

7. Learning new things
Learning new things day in and out can be an additional mind-enriching activity. When new information is learnt everyday be it through watching educational programmes on getting television, mind-blowing conversations, memorisation of musical wording, programming or other productive means.

Words from healthgist

The consultation of medical experts may be sought for further recommendations.


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