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Hello people! Taking care of your body is a major step towards attaining total health, it cannot be overemphasized. From your diet, to hygiene, to vaccinations, to exercise, and so much more, there are so many factors that determine the state of your health.

Today I want to talk about some random, frequently forgotten but important things that we can do to ensure a healthy body and mind.

Laughter is Life.

I am sure some of you are laughing right now at my first point, that’s good, that’s what I am here to encourage. Laughing is good for us, this is no joke. It lowers our blood pressure, improves muscular activity, reduces stress hormones and so much more. With what it does for our bodies, our minds, our emotional state, we can conclude that it is a really important activity we should engage in daily.

Too much Sunlight is bad.

When it is sunny, use protective accessories. Outside Magazine Photo

While the sun is a beautiful source of heat for us, and is also important for our bodies to synthesize Vitamin D, prolonged exposure can be harmful. The so called Ultraviolet (UV) radiation that we are exposed to can be harmful to our eyes and skin, prolonged exposure to the sun can also put us at risk for dehydration. What is the lesson here, stay hydrated, use effective sun glasses and sunscreen whenever we are exposed for long periods.

Your Face is Out of Bounds.

Credit: UF/IFAS Blogs- University of Florida

I am sure many of us already know to not constantly touch our faces with our hands because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We pick up so many germs with our hands unknowingly and then we transfer them to our eyes and other facial structures. So stop touching your face every second.

Breathing through Your Mouth is not good.

Credit: Very well Health

When you breathe through your mouth, the air that passes to your lungs is unfiltered. The nose contains some structures that help make the air we inhale suitable. It filters and humidifies the air we inhale, this prevents damage to some of the delicate structures in the respiratory tract. Also breathing through the mouth can make the mouth cavity dry, this makes it easier for infections to occur.

Mind Exercises Potentially Slow Dementia.

Making your mind do more than what it is used to is what is referred to as ‘mind exercise’. It doesn’t have to be academic, you can learn something fun, art, music, etc. Just make sure it is something new, engaging your mind from time to time in things that are not part of your routine improves your mental acuity. The possibility of dementia with aging can thus be reduced.

Family Medical History is Necessary.

You might think this information is irrelevant because you are your own person. Probably with different habits from your ancestors. However it is advisable to be aware of your family medical history so as to take active preventive measures to prevent any illness which might be common in your family.

‏It is Wise to Read Product Labels.

NET Photo

Try to read the labels of anything you want to buy. From the labels on your carbonated drinks to those on your skincare products. I know this can be tiring but it for the greater good, you don’t want to come in contact with chemicals that would have adverse effects on your body.
You might want to ask “How would I identify these chemicals?” You can only know what you learn so in general read more and stay informed. With time, you will be able to know what to go for and what not to.