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General Health


Before starting your exercise routine, you must understand your goal and be realistic. Realistically, your goal during this period of...
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Diet and Drug Endocrinology Internal Medicine

Why is blood sugar so important?

As the name implies, blood sugar (also known as blood glucose) is the amount of sugar present in your blood....
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General Health Health News

Music and Your Health

Debasish Mridha once said, "Music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch". Music is the combination of sounds that...
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Diet and Drug General Health


Age related diseases can and should be avoided with every measure possible. This is because the cost of management and...
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Children's Health Neurology

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome also know as Abusive head trauma is a form of serious brain injury that occurs as a...
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Chat with a Doctor Online

In keep with our promise to make health care assessible to all, we are pleased to inform public of our...
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General Health

Why Excessive Sweating- Hyperhidrosis?

  Have you experienced a situation where everyone around you is looking okay, and you are the only one sweating?...
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Diet and Drug Environmental health General Health

Allergies And Your Health

Allergy reactions are part of the most common health related issues worldwide. These reactions vary from each individual in types...
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Environmental health

Sleeping Sickness- (Human African Trypanosomiasis)

Sleeping sickness is a disease caused by infection with trypanosoma parasite. Humans get this disease from bites from tsetse fly...
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Diet and Drug General Health

You Have the Right to Know

Madam A, a hypertensive woman had diarrhoea for three days in a row, and she experienced weakness after each stool....
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Children's Health General Health Mental Health

Enough with the Tics! (Tourette Syndrome)

INTRODUCTION         Tourette syndrome (TS) also known as Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (GTS) is a common...
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Night Blindness (Nyctalopia)

Night blindness is a decrease in the ability to see in reduced illumination. It is usually seen in patients with...
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General Health Mental Health

Stress and Your Health

Getting stressed at one point or the other as we go through our daily activities is inevitable. Sometimes, it gets...
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Environmental health General Health

Coping With the Dry Air Season (Harmattan)

The harmattan season is caused by the dry and dusty north-east trade wind coming from the Sahara Desert which usually...
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General Health Mental Health Women's Health

See How Stress Affects your Menstruation

Stress  occurs because of a stretch to the normal body functioning. It is the body’s physiological and psychological response to changes...
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Endocrinology Women's Health

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: cause of infertility in women

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that affects women of child bearing age. In PCOS, many cysts which...
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Dermatology Environmental health

Leishmaniasis, not far from here!

The parasites that cause Leishmaniasis belong to the leishmania genus. There are more than 20 pathogenic species. Female sand-flies transmit...
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Environmental health General Health

It is not always Malaria and Typhoid

Mr. A was not feeling well. He had fever, headache, body pains and a poor appetite. He assumed it was...
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Internal Medicine Neurology

Brain-eating Infection and Survivors

Naegleriasis is a rare but almost always fatal brain infection caused by Naegleria fowleri also known as brain-eating amoeba. This...
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Dermatology Neurology

Shingles: Can you have Chickenpox Twice?

Shingles is a transmissible disease caused by Varicella zoster virus; it is the same virus that causes chickenpox. For anyone...
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